Petite Frames

Due to the several requests for Petite frames, we have added this new product line to our frame selection. These frames are very small and are recommended for only low watt chandelier bulbs. Special caution is advised to avoid any damage to your lampshade. These frames, although they may not be shown as such, come with a chandelier clip, flush with the top of the frame.


Petite Bell Frame

Height:  4"
Top Diameter:  2"
Bottom Diameter:  6"

Petite Bluebell Frame

Height:  3"
Top Diameter:  2"
Bottom Diameter:  4.5"

Petite Lancelot Frame

6 panel round frame with Bulb Clip or Chandelier Clip.

Height:  5"
Top Diameter:  4.5"
Bottom Diameter:  6"